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Deep Listening and Observation

“Sustainability is a progression toward a functional awareness that all things are connected; that the systems of commerce, building, society, geology, and nature are really one system of integrated relationships; that these systems are co-participants in the evolution of life.”

Bill Reed. Shifting our Mental Model – “Sustainability” to Regeneration (2006)

These are some of the organizational beings where the Insightful Conversation© has fostered transformations:

Extension Center, University of California, Davis

Latin-American Students’ perception of the International English Programs

“As a student in UC Davis Extension’s International English Program, Juan approached me to discuss working on a marketing project that would provide him with an opportunity to improve his professional English skills. I was impressed with his background, good humor and approach to marketing and branding, so we worked together to develop a branding assessment of UC Davis Extension’s English-language programs from the perspective of Latin students. Juan did an excellent job of following through with the project, developing a survey mechanism, interviewing students and analyzing the results. His recommendations were insightful and useful as we began creating new marketing materials for the programs. Juan has a unique perspective on marketing, focusing on the personal and emotional experience users have with a brand. I respect his approach and would absolutely work with him again in the future.”

John O’Neill
Marketing Director

EAFIT University

Sustainable Transportation Institutional Planning (STIP) – EAFIT

“At 2014 I got in touch with Juan Sebastián in order to ask him for assistance in developing a communications plan for driving a sustainable transportation at the University. I regarded he was the most capable professional for assessing such organizational need. Nonetheless, after having some conversations, Juan Sebastián recommended embracing this institutional concern not only from a communicational approach but all the essential parts are needed for a sustainable transportation. Thus, we decided to accomplish the methodology -The Insightful Conversation- and incorporating to the conversation different areas with influence on the EAFIT´s mobility concerns. Because of this systemic work and afterward a diagnosis whereby we scoped out some of the most significant consequences on this issue, (mainly cultural) we assembled a sustainable transportation plan toward a new organizational state of mind on mobility not only for fostering but boosting the change of transportation habits and brings wellness both for the organization and its surroundings.”

Catalina Suárez Restrepo
Head of Communication Office

The Medellin-Antioquia Chamber of Commerce

Acknowledging the Organizational Being / Strengthen Interdependencies

“As a Public Relations Manager for The Medellin-Antioquia Chamber of Commerce I have been involved with Juan Sebastian and his methodology, The Insightful Conversation, on an endeavor which intents for the recognition of the company as a living being, in regard to its conduct not only as a remarkable regional leader of the business community and an competent administrator of the traders/entrepreneurs’ information, but as an organization aware of the importance of nurturing them with appropriate services and thus propelling a healthy growth. We have had meaningful outcomes working from a qualitative scope further than quantitative. Consequently, through conversations we have been able to identifying the congruency of what the Chamber is, what the Chamber does and what the Chamber says.”

Claudia Patricia Medina Lopera
Public Relations Manager


Acknowledging the Organizational Being / Institutional Plan of Interdependencies

“Haceb is undergoing evolution toward a sustainable growth over the forthcoming years. This transformation has provided the company’s own recognition and farsighted approach, regarding interactions with the stakeholders. In concordance, the Haceb’s Office of Corporate Relations, as the organ in charge of addressing reputation [interdependencies], has decided […] to prime a strategic plan in order to strength its relationships. Hence hired the consulting services of Jscinteractivo® and its Insightful Conversation© to achieve such goal on a systemic way. The first stage of this attempt was listening the company’s leaders in order to understand what the Haceb’s organizational being is, what it is doing, and what it is saying. Subsequently, from the active listening outcomes, it was conceived the conversation with some representatives of the most relevant organization’s stakeholders […] (Consumers, Costumers, Services Providers, Community). The overall process has allowed to define both a Strategic Plan of Corporate Reputation [interdependencies] and contributing to the evolution of Haceb as a living organizational system.”

HACEB’s Institutional Strategic Plan of Interdependencies

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