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The Insightful Conversation©

“An organism, or living system, is an integrated whole whose essential properties cannot be reduced to those of its parts. They arise from the interactions and relationships between the parts.”

Fritjof Capra. The Systems View of Life (2014)

Jscinteractivo is inspired by ‘the ecology of mind’. That is, by the ecology of ideas, conversations, meanings, communications, relationships, actions, and learning processes. Thereby we aim to cultivate positive changes on business human organizations.

The Insightful Conversation© is the method developed by Jscinteractivo to achieve such essential purpose on the diverse OD efforts. It focuses on an organic feedback loop cycle composed by 5 interconnected steps whereby through a series of actions we recognize the business essential need, the influence over its surroundings, and the state of its ecobiopsychosocial capital. Thus we address systemic process of organizational learning, growth and transformation. How does the cycle work?

  • Listen: acknowledging what the organization’s collective consciousness is trying to convey by means of its components. To identify coherence in gazing its ecobiopsychosocial influences.
  • Develop: Focusing on developing ecobiopsychosocial skills. Here the project comes into being in understanding perceptions, emotions, obstacles among other issues addressed by actively listening.
  • Interact: fostering organizational interdependences being consistent with both its essence and the ecobiopsychosocial capital. It implies to modify behaviors in order to get the pursued goals.
  • Learn: mapping the process of developing/interaction in order to assure an ecobiopsychosocial well-growth. To address organizational evolution.
  • Rise: Picking up the produce of a healthy ecobiopsychosocial growth. The cycle is releasing once again when it’s needed.

The Insightful Conversation©

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