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Terms & Conditions

Major aspects you should know about our conversation

For Jscinteractivo is paramount to responsively convey the different Terms and Conditions of the conversation we initiated at this website. An open conversation to systems thinkers/practitioners, individuals, as well as business organizations which also are seeking a necessary shift to developing human organizations all over the world.

They are exposed as follows:

1. Terms and Conditions Agreement

As change-makers of the social contract posed by traditional clouts, we strongly advocate fostering ecobiopsychosocial ethics for the sake not only of individuals and human organizations but the whole web of life. Thus, these Terms and Conditions aim to stand out a mutual agreement of trust and respect on the rights that enrich our human conversation at this website.

So that, by accessing to the Jscinteractivo’s® website services, we take for granted you have acquainted the overall concepts held in our interaction. Furthermore, that you are autonomous of having this conversation by adopting the agreements specified herewith.

2. Privacy Policy / Information Manage

Jscinteractivo® is committed with safeguarding your private personal data. The present policy clarifies the directions on which any personal data we store from you, or that you provide to us, will be processed by us, chiefly sustained by the laws from our home country (Colombia). Hence, we encourage to carefully read the following points in order to understand how we shall manage your personal data.

A key point: You have to take in account this privacy policy applies only to our website. If you leave it by clicking to an external link or otherwise, you will be subject to the policy of that website.

a. Collected Information

We are collecting the following data about you:

  • Contact form information. Here we store your e-mail address only to be in touch with you as well as to give answer both to your questions and requests. BY NO MEANS your email will be shared with third parties and used for marketing purposes.
  • Comments on the Blog. Here we save data requested in the commentaries form and your IP address. We reserve the right of posting any received commentary. We will post those which sustains a respectful conversation.
  • Cookies. In subscribing your data either on the contact form or the commentaries form, the system will collect your name and email address on what in informatics jargon is well-known as Cookies’.
  • Web site analytics. Our website is supported by Google Analytics in order to identify the number of people accessing, their countries / hometowns, most visited contents, among other parameters which allow us to map patterns of interaction from our visitors.

b. Uses made of the information

We use data held about you in order to:

  • Start a conversation that allows us to attend your different questions and requests
  • Send specific information about our consultancy services just in case it is requested by you.
  • Allow you to interact through your commentaries and reflections on our blog.
  • Recognize what website sections are the most visited, the places of origin, as well as the average time of visit.
  • Notify any change we do both on our website, our consultancy services and the current privacy policy, just in case you require it.

c. Rights you own on your information

These are the rights:

  • If you have left your personal data, questions, requests and commentaries on this website either through contact form or blog’s commentaries form, you own the right of asking us for its removal.
  • In terms of Cookies administration, you own the right of directly getting rid of them from the navigation history.
  • In order to exercise your rights, you can also email us at

3. Intellectual Property Rights and Credits

You must take in account the intellectual property rights and credits that apply in our website. They are presented as follow:

a. Copyrights / All rights reserved ©

They cover the overall contents/information related to our Organizational Development Systemic Consultancy approach (Homepage, Our Nature, Our Competencies, Methodology, Conversations, Human System, Partners, Partners and Let’s Converse):

  • Jscinteractivo® is the owner or the licensee of all intellectual property rights in this site, as well as in the material published on it. Those works are protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world. All these rights are reserved.
  • If you decide to either print a copy from our contents or download any of them, you MUST NOT modify them. Furthermore, you MUST NOT make use of any logo, graphic, scheme, image, picture, video and audio files separated from its respective text.
  • If you have been inspired by such contents/information and expect to share them with other people (e.g. with academic purposes), you ALWAYS MUST give the credit to Jscinteractivo® (and to the person who directly posted them if it is applicable).
  • NOT BY ANY MEANS you are authorized to make use of the contents/information from our website for commercial ends without obtaining a license to do so from us.

b. Creative Commons CC (BY-NC-ND)

This license applies to the contents published in our blog (Spanish and English versions), an open space that pursues to contribute to the universal memory of the systemic perspective of life:

  • You are free to share, copy and spread our blog’s contents in any medium and format as long as you do so by giving the respective credits (Author’s name, Blog section and Link to the respective entry or article) and NEVER FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.
  • If for some reason you edit the overall blog’s contents (texts, images, graphics, videos, audios, etc.), you MUST NOT DISTRIBUTE the modified content in any medium.

4. Questions

For further information you need to know about these aspects (Terms and Conditions), please feel free to write to the email  with the subject ‘concerns about our conversation’. We shall respond in no longer than 48 hours.

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