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Our Competencies

Developing organizations as reflexive, conversational and interdependent living systems

“Companies die because their managers focus on the economic activity of producing goods and services, and they forget that their organizations’ true nature is that of a community of humans.”

Arie de Geus. The Living Company (1997)

Jscinteractivo as systemic consultancy approach in the Organizational Development (OD) field leads organizations towards a necessary worldview shift. We are aiming to create awareness of business organizations as the most influential living systems on Earth, and thus encouraging them to thrive its ecobiopsychosocial capital.

What is the ecobiopsychosocial capital?
It’s a non-dualistic view for shaping the truly wealth conditions of the planetary living social systems in order to reach a sustainable/regenerative human presence on Earth. To put it simply, It’s an approach to grasping the four capitals conveyed by ecological economics as a whole: Environmental Capital, Human Capital, Social Capital and Economic Capital.


Ecobiopsychosocial Approach – Jscinteractivo©

We have the knack of heading core processes both in newborn and well-defined companies. We scope out their web of conversations and interdependences; facilitate the understanding of the ecosystems they belong; the coherence between what they are, do and say, with the purpose of consolidating healthy relationships rooted in trust as well as its evolution as living beings.

We are physically located in Medellin Colombia yet is able of reaching out organizations in all latitudes by dint of its collaborative work (view alliances).

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