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Our Nature

The systems view of life

“Historically, no individual, tribe, or even nation, could possibly alter the global climate, destroy thousands of species, or shift the chemical balance of the atmosphere […] our individual actions are meditated and magnified through the growing network of global institutions.”

Peter Senge, Presence (2004)

The Cartesian worldview has created a clearly unsustainable socio-economic system in which global corporations have posed a significant clout. The industrial era set up them like productive, competitive, and extractive machines without concerning their impacts beyond the economic frontiers.

As long as the extractive economy keep being the thrust in a finite world, our survival as species –humans & human organizations– shall keep facing peril. Hence the importance of understanding ecology as the crux of our priorities. Ecology and economics share the same root, the Oikos (Eco): The Household, our Planet, our Life. Thus, economics as a human approach for managing our home resources must honor ecology, not the reverse.

Therefore, business organizations of today have to take a big responsibility by acknowledging its nature as Oikos’ dwellers for the present and future sake of the ecosystems they integrate. That’s why we also have to consolidate a new non-anthropocentric worldview to further the shift we need not only for our sustainability and endurance but in order to ecologically conceive the developing of human organizations in harmony with the different species from the planet.

From the systems view of life Jscinteractivo is aiming to nurture a generative economy that honors the sustaining cycles of Mother Nature in order to serve to the whole web of life. We recognize the great impact of business organizations around Earth. We understand the major social, environmental, economic and political problems caused by human organizations are interdependent and therefore must be tackled with systemic solutions.

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