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To contribute to the evolution of organization as specie

The Jscinteractivo’s essential purpose is: to contribute to the evolution of organization as specie. By means of such declaration we are basically aiming for revitalizing the idea of “business” in an organic/systemic manner. These are some of the fundamentals that encourage our everyday job:

  • A “brand” is a “being”.
  • An “strategy” is a “dynamic”.
  • There is no room for “taglines” but “promises”.
  • No using “tools” but scoping out “patterns”.
  • No attempts on “reputation” but “interdependencies”.
  • Economic capital is not separated from the Ecobiopsychosocial Capital.
  • Enhance the Ecobiopsychosocial Capital means healthy environment, healthy economics, healthy relationships, love and good longevity.
  • Common war language is excluded, e.g.: attack on the market, target group, guerrilla marketing, the enemy, bombard with advertising, weaken competitors, and so on…
  • Openness to change for breaking assumptions.
  • Conscious conversations allow reaching goals.
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