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Acknowledging integrity

In addressing business organizations as living beings, we have to recognize them as open social systems composed by lasting cycles of learning and transformation. Right here it’s critical to map their character, the way they communicate and relate, their resilience or ability to adapt to change, as well as the overall influences affecting their wellbeing.

Organizational Mapping facilitates the understanding of business organizations from the holistic view (from inside out). It’s the cornerstone for developing their permanency throughout time.


Trilogy of Integrity – Jscinteractivo©

The essential functions of this approach are explained as follows:

  • Organizational essentials analysis: We assist the mindful acknowledging of what the organization is, does, and says (Trilogy of Integrity/Coherence). Moreover, we aim to identify the traces of its culture in scoping out the patterns of conversation that drives its communities of practice (organizational psychology).
  • Interdependences analysis: We converse with the interdependent net of stakeholders in order to strengthen its relationships and thus the generation of trust.
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