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Grasping life’s circularity

To absorb sustainability from the whole systems view is a major issue. In this terms, sustainability can be understood as a continuum that poses ecology, rather than economy, as the thrust of business. Hence sustainability must be the mean to thrive the ecobiopsychosocial capital.

Through ecoliteracy we facilitate the grasping of businesses as living systems, as well as the essential life principle of circularity as the main source of their survival.

The essential functions of this component are described as follows:

  • Materiality Matrix: we have the ability of arranging business critical aspects from the outcomes of scoping out business interdependencies as well as its sustainable purpose. That is the first step in envisaging a Business Model of Sustainability.
  • Ecological Design: we have the knack of conceiving ecological solutions for improving organizational ecobiopsychosocial proceedings: products, services, metabolism/infrastructure, mobility, inter alia.
  • Ecological Innovation: we can lead organizational ecological thinking towards the seeking of innovative solutions that mostly respect Mother Nature and enhance business sustainability.
  • SDGs adaptation: we aim for the harmonization between the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and business goals.
  • Sustainable Endeavors: we give support and teaching newborn organizations in order to incorporate the ecological view as their business core.
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
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